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See Who's Attending Oil Sands Water Management 2012

Companies attending Oil Sands Water Management Initiative 2012 as of February 20, 2012:

Alberta Environment, Aquatic Informatics Inc., ARC Financial Corp, Associated Engineering, Athabasca Oil Sands, Babcock & Wilcox Canada, Baker Hughes, Bantrel, BAR Engineering Co. Ltd, Buckman Canada, Canadian Natural Resources, CCS Corporation, Cenovus, Champion Technologies, Chem-Treat Canada, ConocoPhillips, Cuthbertech, Devon Canada Corporation, Dover Operating Company, Dow Chemical Canada ULC, Drifter Projects, DuPont Canada, EBA - A TetraTech Company, Ecodyne, Eco Water Innovations Inc., Englobe Corp, Energy Resources Conservation Board, EPCOR Utilities, E-T Energy, Exova, Express Integrated Technologies, ExxonMobil Upstream Research, Fair Canada Engineering Ltd., Fransen - A Tetra Tech Company, H20 Systems Inc, Halliburton, Husky Energy, Hydor-Tech, Imperial Oil Resources, In-Situ Oil Sands Alliance, Ivanhoe Energy, Kemira, Koch Exploration Canada L.P, Laricina Energy Ltd, Mabarex Inc, Matrix Solutions Inc., MEG Energy, MyCelx Technologies Corporation, Nepa Renowned Property Management Ltd, Nexen Inc., Osum Oil Sands, Penn West Exploration, Petro Derive Consulting Inc, Petrobank Energy and Resources, Poseidon Inc, PS Filter, Purolite, Rainwater Management, Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, Royco Investments, Shell - Carmon Creek, SNF sas, Spartan Controls, Statoil, Suncor Energy Inc, Sunshine Oilsands Limited, Teck Resources, Tetra Tech, The Asset Performance Group Inc., TIW Western Inc, Torica Energy Services, Total E & P Canada, Trojan Technologies, University of Alberta, Vista Project, Vista-IMV JV Corporation, Upstreamonline, The Oil & Gas Magazine, JuneWarren-Nickle's Energy Group, Fluor Canada, ALS Environmental

and more..... 


"I enjoyed the discussion about some of the new technologies some of which would be the future of oil sands"


O&G Series

For E&P operators to fully harness the full potential of oil sands production, it is vital that…

... optimal strategies are determined for managing the water resources both cost-effectively with minimal impacts on the environment. 

For this reason, Canada‚Äôs leading E&P companies will be meeting at the Oil Sands Water Management 2012 Initiative to share the approach being taken to minimize water usage, increase recyclability and improve cost-efficiency and approach being taken to move to a zero liquid discharge. 

The event is the 2nd in the highly successful series following on from the 2011 Oil Sands Water Management Initiative that hosted 180 leading oil sands companies. 

Speakers at the event will be focusing on providing solutions to the critical water management challenges in Canadian oil sands in situ production:

WATER SOURCING: Understanding the optimal strategies for sourcing water from regional aquifers in the most timely and cost-effective way

RECYCLING STRATEGIES : Examining strategies for driving down the costs of water recycling to increase recyclability and minimize net water demand for SAGD

OIL WATER SEPARATION: Utilizing emerging de-oiling and water treatment technologies to improve recyclability and move towards a zero-liquid discharge future

CHEMICAL TREATMENT: Examining what advances are being made to optimize the chemical treatment process whilst driving down costs

WATER DISPOSAL: Determining economically viable disposal methods for water and solid waste in the Athabasca region

REDUCING WATER REQUIREMENTS: Examining data showing how companies have significantly increased water retention and reduced the volumes required for production

PUBLIC RELATIONS: Improving the perception of environmental and water management issues for in situ processes in oil sands production